Welcome to Write for Travel 

Before we introduce ourselves ~ please enjoy watching this street artist creating candied animals figures with his mouth and some taffy. I took this video in Xian, China.



Carol Ann Quibell

This blog was started because we really wanted to share our travel experiences and help others enjoy their own travels. I am a freelance writer and columnist and that is how I make some of my living and Barry takes on other work and we don’t pretend to make lots of money but it does supplement our pensions nicely, which helps a lot.

We aren’t kids anymore!

Barry QuibellWe don’t want to stay in a dormitory but 5* hotels are beyond our budget.  We would rather stay in an economical but clean hotel or whatever we choose and have more $$$ to pay for airfare to Guatemala or pay for a tour to the Great Wall in China.  Get the picture?

You will find information on destinations we have been to or love to write about as well as suggestions, tips and ideas on writing or ways to pay for your travels or keeping the costs down.  It is all possible.

I used to tell my employer the only reason I worked was so I could pay for my travels and things haven’t changed all that much.  

Any questions or suggestions? We would love to hear from you and get to know you too.

Barry & Carol Ann Quibell