10 Things to do locally with your kids this summer


  1. Hiking / walking trails around town.  Have a nature walk with the kids recognizing types of trees, birds, etc.
  2. Biking – take the kids for a bike ride – show them bike safety rules.  PS:  Wear a helmet.
  3. Swimming – take them to a local lake or visit a community pool but get in the water with them.  After all it’s supposed to be fun for you too.
  4. Picnic – everyone loves a picnic!  Combine it with a walking or cycling expedition.
  5. Art Gallery – help the kids develop an appreciation for local artists – ask them what they think about the art and encourage them to voice their opinions
  6. Fishing – you really don’t have to have a boat to go fishing if there are any nearby rivers or streams.
  7. Museums – spend an afternoon wandering around the museum looking at artefacts.
  8. Trail ride – find a local stable who offers their horses for trail rides.  If you aren’t experienced have a guide go with you.
  9. Plant a garden – get the kids involved in planting a garden so they can see how vegetables grow and you may find they will eat them more readily if they have grown them.

10.  Camera Day – throw away cameras or an old digital gives kids an opportunity to play and have fun taking pictures of everything they can see and then watching them on the computer screen or TV.

Have fun,

family fishing trip

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