A Guide to the RYA Day Skipper Course

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If you have always wanted to develop your existing sailing skills and hone your talent to make it more usable, a day skipper course could be just what you need to fulfill your ambitions. Whether you’re hoping to combine your dream with one of the offers on family activity holidays or you’re travelling solely to hone a new talent, the possibilities are endless in Europe, particularly the subtropical coastlines of Greece and Turkey.

The RYA accredited day skipper course is designed for people who have had a little experience of yachting beforehand. You need a basic understanding of the essential sailing skills and navigation. While you’re never too old to learn to sail, if you’re a complete newbie, you may need to take a basic yachting course first before you jump in the deep end with day skipper tuition.

It’s suggested that course applicants should have 100 miles, five days at sea and four hours of night-time sailing experience tucked under their belts. The course will aim to help your knowledge progress, including maintenance, navigation, route planning and night cruising aspects.

The course tends to run over five days, giving you the chance to not only develop your seafaring theory, but also give you the tools you need to control a yacht on familiar waters, during the daytime. The theoretical aspect should be worked on at home before your day skipper course begins, because there is an assessment aspect to the course. You can prepare yourself for this with online theory tests and courses that are available to any RYA student.

While the day skipper course is aimed at applicants who are 16 and over, there is other accredited tuition for individuals younger than this. Combine the course with a vacation at a local beach club and make the most out of your time away from home.

You’re never too old to develop a skill – take the plunge and book a day skipper course, today.

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