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Australia – remote but beautiful

Image courtesy of Jennifer Ellison at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Image courtesy of Jennifer Ellison at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

A remote country with beautiful scenery and a landscape that includes both tropical rainforests and sandy beaches – this place seems to have it all. Whether you plan to have a summer vacation at the seaside or you prefer winter and skiing, Australia is a great choice. You might have heard about its diverse wildlife – kangaroos, koalas, Tasmanian tigers, emus, dangerous spiders and scorpions that probably made you question the safety of the visit. However, the truth is – if you are just a bit more careful, they will not harm you, and if something does happen, the first aid is around every corner. So if you do decide to book a flight and come here, there are two places on this continent that you simply have to find the time to visit: beautiful Sydney and Lady Eliot Island.


Sunset on LEI photo courtesy of Flickr.com Greg Schechter

Welcome to the city of amazing parks, delicious food, and wonderful beaches! This makes Sydney one of the most famous surfing destinations of the world. Bondi beach is probably one of the best known beaches, and this stretch of golden sand is favorite surfing destination of most tourists. Sidney is also known for the incredible bridge and harbor that is simply breathtaking in the sunset. Also, you cannot travel all the way to Australia and not visit Sydney Opera House, one of the greatest and most beautiful architectural designs of the modern world. If you plan on seeing some of the shows performed here, you will have to find a place to stay for a couple of days.

The best idea would be to look for accommodation in Randwick, Eastern Suburbs of Sydney where you can find a wide variety of Sydney’s amazing boutique hotels. In this area there are also many activities you can do during the day, as there are two big shopping centers, Sydney’s most popular entertainment district, a cinema and numerous restaurants overlooking the beach.

While you are here, do not let yourself bypass Tarong Zoo, where some of the natural habitats like Australian Walkabout are recreated by the hands of man. Here you can see animals in the environments close to their original ones. Finally, just around the corner you can find Royal Botanic Gardens, Australia’s oldest scientific institution, home to many exotic plants and trees.

Lady Eliot Island

Lady Elliott Island

A trip to Australia should include another thing Australia is famous for ~ the amazing coral reef found at its north east, one of the planet’s greatest natural wonders. There are numerous little islands in this area, and one of the most interesting ones is Lady Eliot. This tiny island that is a part of the park’s protected Green Zones can be quite hard to reach, but once you land on its beautiful sandy beach, you realize that the trip was worth it. This island is a home to many rare tropical birds and different species of turtles, including Green Turtles, as well as the endangered Loggerhead Turtle.

One thing is certain: while you are exploring the Lady Eliot Island you will be breathing in the clearest air that comes from a tropical forest. This tropical forest takes up the most of the island. The waters around the island are also rich with wildlife. There are numerous species of fish here, among which you can find dolphins but also some of the more dangerous ones, like sharks and rays that have become the symbol of this island. Here you can swim, dive and go snorkeling, and since the water is unbelievably clear, you will be able to see all of its beauties.

So do not let stories about possible risks scare you. This wonderful place has so much to offer, and the long haul flight will definitely be worth this once in a lifetime experience so take a trip to Australia this year.

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