A weekend in Vancouver, BC

ahhhh … a weekend away! 

It wasn’t really a holiday because we were taking care of some personal business and Barry’s sister was having surgery so we wanted to be close but even with all of that a weekend away is still a mini holiday.

We took a chance and didn’t make any reservations for hotel before we left because we have had such good luck getting really great deals through that it didn’t even enter our mind that last weekend would be any different.  We weren’t disappointed.  It was a bit of a problem finding wifi but after locating a coffee bar downtown we parked and bought a cup of tea so we could use their internet. Visit Hotwire.com” and find a hotel for our weekend away!

Signing on with Hotwire we put in our requirements for a hotel for 2 adults close to downtown and we indicated we wanted it for 2 nights.  Voila!  Up popped about 10 choices for us for everything from 2** to 6** and prices were also quite a large range.  They do not give you the name of the hotel prior to your booking but they do indicate the area and what amenities they offer.  Plus of course you know whether it is a 2** or 6* and anything in between.

The reason we booked for 2 nights was because if you don’t the 2nd night will have to be paid at full price or you do another booking through hotwire and will probably have to change hotels.  By booking 2 nights we got the best deal possible for both nights and could relax knowing the rate was secured.  So what was our rate?  We stayed at a 5** hotel for close to Vancouver International Airport for $62.00 each night.  Very good rate for Vancouver!

I can’t say enough good things about “Hotwire.com” – for booking last minute hotels and also car rentals.  So for your next vacation or weekend away at least give them a try.

Happy travels,

PS:  We used Hotwire a couple of years ago while touring Texas and stayed in some pretty nice places!  Learn more…

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