BC High School Programs in China

Watch out!

It seems that kids are the same everywhere as they spill out into the solarium style hallway, pushing and shoving each other as they quickly race to their next class all with while their laughter and voices bounces from one end to the next.  The only indication of  being in a foreign country was the students were all Chinese but the signage and posters on the walls were all in English and were from some of the major universities in BC, describing possible programs high school graduates might be interested in.

Canadian Schools in China

I was in a private school, affiliated with our BC curriculum, being taught by Canadian teachers all set up to prepare these young students with the credits necessary to apply for a Canadian University. When they graduate they receive the same diploma the students at my local high school in Kelowna receive at the end of grade 12.

Following my son to China has been an eye opener.  I was probably the same as most people, thinking that most of the Canadian teachers were here teaching English and that is definitely not the case. Michael does teach English but not as I thought since his students already speak English.  His students are in grade 10 and learning grammar, literature and preparing for the next grade.

Travel and work opportunities for Canadian Teachers

What a fabulous opportunity  – not only for the students but for the foreign teachers since there aren’t many teaching jobs at home. The opportunities for these Canadians to travel and see so many new and exciting things and have some marvelous adventures is something I envy.  Michael got his teaching degree a year ago after being out of school for many years and is now doing something I always talked about and never did.  Teach in foreign countries.

Canadian Teachers in China
Myself (front) and my son on the left with a group of Sino-Canada Teachers

Riding a first class motor coach into Shanghai I closed my eyes and listened to the excited and enthusiastic voices surrounding me.  “We’re heading to Cambodia, where are you going” I heard from behind me as another voice responded. “I am meeting up with friends in Beijing.” To my right a couple were discussing their plans for Tibet and figuring out which underground train to take to the airport. It was a national holiday and the foreign teachers had 10 days off and were taking advantage of the vacation time to explore some of the many countries close to China. Vietnam, Tibet, Phillipines, Thailand and Japan were just some of their destinations.

Xian, Bejing and Shanghai were going to be on our agenda over the next week and the thought of Terra Cotta Soldiers, the Great Wall and the Summer Palace were a small list of the many places I would be seeing and exploring.  I could hardly wait.

Happy travels,

Carol Ann Quibell
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