City Of The Mermaid Who Loved a Fisherman

Carol Ann QuibellGuest blogger talks about his experiences in Warsaw, Poland.  I have never been there but it is now on my list of places I would like to visit.  Read more on the City of the Mermaid.

There was a beautiful mermaid lived in the River Vistula called Sawa. She was all alone and she used to dream about a good life all the time. Once she met a fisherman called Wars who came there to catch fishes. After meeting Sawa, Wars started coming to Vistula River daily for fishing. He was a handsome and healthy youth who loves adventure. He used to go along with his friends in the deep sea for fishing. However after meeting her, he never went to sea. Even if the fishes are less in numbers he preferred to spend more time in the river catching fishes and talking to Sawa. Slowly they fell in love with each other. Their bond was so strong that they were not able think about a life without the other. Fighting all the odds they decided to get married. Hearing their prayer and seeing the true love, the almighty gave her a human life. They both got married and settled on the banks of River Vistula. The place later on become famous in the name of Wars and Sawa and became the present Warsaw.

Our guide was talking about the city. We were on a conducted trip. A tour operator of our city has offered a package tour and many of us joined in that. Since it was a conducted tour, we did not have to waste time to buy airline tickets. The same has been provided by the tour operator, though in a cheap tickets. Warsaw, the capital of Poland is one of the most developed cities in Europe and also a financial and business center. Hence, most of the airlines such as British Airways, Air France etc are operating flights to Warsaw. We reached here in one of the cheap flights to Warsaw and our guide was waiting at the airport to receive us.

The city looks like any other developed cities with a number of skyscrapers, but the difference I fest was in the case of open spaces and parks. Around twenty five percent of the land area is either open places or parks. Thus the pollution is very less in the city even though the roads are crowded with automobiles. The city has a rich cultural heritage which can be seen in many museums. We could visit the botanical garden and Warsaw Zoo. Both the places were well managed and we really enjoyed each moments. However, the most interesting thing I have noticed is the influence of mythology in city life. The mythology is not limited to the name of the city; it celebrates many events which are several myths to support it. The roots of most of the myths go to ancient pagan religions.

The most important one among them is Wianki, where the people gather along the banks of the River Vistula. This festival is to commemorate the date on which the mermaids of the ancient myth used to float wreaths in the river to find out when they get married. Many foreigners are also visiting this city during this festival and after the introduction of cheap tickets to Warsaw, the number of people coming here to enjoy the festival has increased.

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