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Traveling alone?  Guest blogger shares information on Alaska ~ a perfect destination for a single traveler.


adrianaDon’t stay home alone and miss out on an amazing holiday. Alaska is the perfect destination for the single traveler  allowing you to focus completely on the fantastic experiences offered in this under-explored part of North America.

Don’t take a friend, make a friend!
It can seem daunting when you first consider taking a solo trip abroad, as holidays can often seem the preserve of the couple. You perhaps worry that you won’t have anyone to talk to or share the experience with and what about the extra financial burden of single supplements?

In fact, heading off on an adventure holiday as a single person could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. People who take single holidays abroad find that they quickly form strong bonds and friendships with the rest of their group, as they all enjoy the same experiences together. Travelling solo forces people out of their comfort zones and has strangers chatting away like the oldest of friends in next to no time.

The beauty of Alaska
People seem to know very little about Alaska, apart from the fact that there’s a lot of snow. In fact, this state is the largest in the United States but, with fewer than 750,000 inhabitants, it is the least populated. The sense of travelling to a place so far from ordinary life helps to foster a pioneering spirit, which makes Alaska such an excellent destination for single holidays abroad.

Alaska is the home of Mount McKinley, the highest mountain in North America. Also known as ‘Denali’, meaning ‘the high one’, it sits within the Denali National Park, covering over six million acres. National Parks abound in this part of the world, which is home to varieties of animals and plants not found anywhere else.

Staying in campsites and log cabins, kayaking through icy waters and spotting grizzly bears, polar bears, black bears, caribou, mountain goats and bison, amongst other mammals, this is the perfect trip for wildlife fans. The adventurous elements include opportunities to try your hand at a variety of sporting activities, including mountain biking, dog sledding, ice climbing and glacier walking. Less active types might prefer to try a once-in-a-lifetime flight around the summit of Mount McKinley for some spectacular photo opportunities.

A hugely popular destination for travelers to Alaska is the Kenai Fjords National Park. Boat trips offer visitors the chance to see spectacular marine wildlife, including the orca, Dali’s porpoise, sea lions and humpback whales. Take a ferry trip into Prince Williams Sound and perhaps experience the amazing sight and sound of glaciers ‘calving’ into the sea   where parts of the huge ice fields break away and crash into the sea below.

Alaska is a destination that you will never forget. You will return home with spectacular photographs, fantastic memories and a group of new friends. In fact, many groups keep in contact even long after the holiday has ended, with regular meet ups and get-togethers.


Adriana Frederick writes regularly on travel for a range of holiday and lifestyle websites and blogs. A huge fan of adventure holidays in off-beat destinations, Adriana has traveled to most parts of the world, but is still a relative newcomer to the exciting adventures promised on Alaska holidays.


I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did.  Alaska is still on my bucket list.  I only live a short distance away but still have not made the journey.  Andrea’s blog has motivated me into pushing it up further on my list.

Happy travels,

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Carol Ann Quibell is an author, freelance writer and columnist who have been RVing or camping for most of her life. After a yearlong trip throughout Canada, the USA and Mexico in the 1990’s she was hooked on travel and is determined not to stop.


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