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Hi everyone, Guest Blogger Corine La Font shares her tips and suggestions to aspiring writers – I found them quite helpful – enjoy!

Guest Blogger Corine La Font:

You know, one of the things I noticed is that everyone seems to be writing or wants to write but don’t know how to get started and if or when they do get started, they are off to a bumpy start. They are not sure of their audience, they don’t know how to publish and here comes the biggie… they don’t know how to market the book!

My first suggestion to aspiring writers or even established writers is to start exposing yourself and come out of your comfort zone. This will help your tremendously down the road.
Some writers tend to be reclusive and are shocked to learn that they are expected to be a part or fully responsible for marketing their book to generate sales! Why wait till then when you can start by simply (behind the screen of your computer at first) getting familiar with social networks like facebook, linked in, twitter, myspace, comment on blogs or even start your own blog or take it a step further and do a youtube video on your thoughts or topic. Take the leap and participate in events and seminars, online and live and share your opinion and listen for feedback. Set up your own webinar, teleclass or even online radio show and discuss your subject matter. I would suggest doing this for about 6 months to a year before even attempting to write your first book.

Freelance writer working at her computerAt this time you would have a following of people from varied backgrounds that provided feedback, good or bad on what you want to write about. Record all of this as your source documents for writing your first book. These source documents will form the beginnings of your book. You would have gotten to know your audience, what they like or don’t like. They can form part of your testimonials or review panel and best of all; they become the first set of people to market the book to. It then seems easier to sell the book and speak to the book whether online or at live events.

So why not start at the beginning and develop your source documents- those powerpoint presentations you delivered at that training, those feedback or evaluation forms your received, that webinar you did or the blogs or tweets you have followed. Go back and collect all those and see the trends and determine what you will write about and who your audience really is and I assure you, you will be well on your way to being a successful writer.

Corine La Font

Corine is a Certified Author Assistant and Virtual Event Specialist. She is the owner of and host of Between The Lines, an online program featuring tips and how to’s from authors, editors and critical resource persons that make up the publishing industry. Follow her @authorasst and “like” her at helpdeskja

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