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I recently met Dzeni’s wife Kathy, while taking a course on Marketing your Book Online and when she asked if she could submit a post on travel insurance and heard her husband’s heart breaking story I knew I had to share it with you.  You can never be too prepared and here’s why.


Planning for travel…. before it’s too late!

By Dzeni Hadzibajric

It’s always fun to plan for a trip.  What shall I pack?  Where will we go when we get there?  What attractions and sites are there?  What restaurants look good?  And if plans include visiting family and friends, the anticipation of seeing them soon propels us along.

But we don’t usually like to think about what might go wrong.  That’s not an enjoyable thought when you’re planning what is to be a fun-filled vacation.   But it’s critical to think ahead about what will happen if things go wrong.

I write this from personal experience.  I was eager to visit my family and friends in Bosnia, after a hiatus of about 4 years since I had been back to my home, Sarajevo.  The plan was to fly to Venice, meet up with a friend, and drive the rest of the way to Sarajevo, with a few stops along the way to visit with scattered friends and family.  Little did I know, I was to have a 2 week detour at a hospital in Ljubljana, Slovenia instead!  On the plane over, I suffered a stroke.

I woke up on the plane not able to move my right arm or leg, and the words wouldn’t come out of my mouth correctly.  I couldn’t get up to leave the plane when it was my turn to de-board, and the stewardess thus called upon the military police, in a move according to protocol, to assist me off of the plane.  My friends found me in the airport medical facility and drove me to Ljubljana where they diagnosed a stroke, performed the surgery that saved my life, and took care of me until I was able to fly home.

Just before the trip, my wife had purchased medical travel insurance.  What a good move that had been!  Not only for financial reasons but because they were able to assist her as she navigated the process of the hospitalization, discharge processes, flights home, medical escort, and communication with hospital staff and our medical insurance in the States.  The cost of that insurance was just $35 for the entire trip.

From here forward, we will never travel outside of the United States without the purchase of at least medical insurance for both of us.   It saved us!  And we encourage everyone we know to do the same.  While purchasing travel insurance won’t necessarily prevent catastrophes from happening, it will be there to ease the stress, financial difficulty, and confusion you experience when the unexpected occurs.

Dzeni and Kathy Hadzibajric share the story of Dzeni’s second chances at life in their book, Skies and Seas.  The story they reveal is a unique and inspiration look at survival, from Dzeni’s perspective as a refugee from Sarajevo, Bosnia and a stroke survivor and from Kathy’s perspective as his wife and now, caregiver.  Sign up to receive their first chapter at http://www.theskiesandseas.com .


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