Hi from China – my experiences

The history here is unimaginable compared to our little bit of history – they talk in thousands of years, not hundreds and the museums and monuments have been extremely interesting. We spent a day at the Museum of the Terra Cotta Soldiers which was fabulous and I think I took a hundred photos that day.

Chopsticks – the only utensils in China I am sure and after two weeks of only using them to eat with I am still not very good at them. I bought a set to bring home to practice with the next time we buy chinese food to take home. When I first got here I spilled more on the table than I got onto my plate but it definitely has been fun.

Eating Scorpions

The food has been interesting and delicious for the most part…. I discovered Korean barbecue when I was in Beijing and am definitely going to find a place at home to try out, hoping it will be similar. We went to a night market in Beijing that would put the average person off food forever – they were serving live scorpions on a stick, snake, beetles, bugs, lizards, cat and dog – I wasn’t too hungry after seeing that. Fruit looked awfully good that night.

We have been to Xian (prounced She-ann), Beijing and Shanghai and then the smaller place where Michael lives which I forget how to spell.

All in a day’s travel,
Carol Ann Quibell

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