How to Learn to Write – without spending a fortune.

Carol Ann Quibell in TexasEveryone wants to become a writer! It doesn’t matter whether you want to write a book, write a magazine article or write your life story it isn’t as easy as you might think.  Just because we think we can write doesn’t necessarily mean we can. We need to learn to write first.

Over the years I attempted to write fiction, romance, non-fiction, business material, etc. and found that I spent a lot of time tearing up my work because I didn’t feel it was good enough for publication.  I was probably right because some of my earlier writing was really bad.

It wasn’t that I was a bad writer; it was because I didn’t know the techniques of writing.  I didn’t know the rules we must follow when writing a story whether it was fiction or non-fiction.

Gaining confidence in your writing

I finally accepted the fact I needed some help and my first training was through my local community training program “How to Write Romance”.  I never did finish my romance novel but I did gain some insight into the writing process.

A few years later I registered at my local college and took a couple of credit courses on writing non-fiction.  I loved them!  Getting decent grades gave me the confidence to send queries out to local magazines and newspapers and to my amazement they were accepted.  I wasn’t turned down very often which also gave me a boost of confidence.  When I did receive a rejection or was ignored I learned to not take it personally and resubmit them to other magazines that may be more receptive to my work.

Train to become a writer

Everyone learns differently.  Some prefer to sit in a classroom with a live instructor and receive instant feedback, while others learn by reading the material and figuring it out for themselves.  I have discovered I love learning over the internet.


I have taken many online courses and have found this learning style suits me the best.  I can work on my own with the benefit of an online instructor who can answer my questions when needed. There is usually a group of people taking the same course that I can interact with and we also learn from each other.

A few years ago I discovered ed2go ~  an online industry leader in online learning, providing high quality continuing education courses that are affordable and easy to use.  They are also delivered through top colleges and universities but if you register with them directly it is a bit cheaper.  Still the same courses ~ but a different price. There are over 300 courses that cover almost every topic you can imagine.

My first encounter with ed2go was through my local university but after that I took the courses directly so I could save a bit of money which was nice for my wallet.

The Writing and Publishing Coursescover business writing, creative writing, grant writing and publishing.  Their course catalogue shows you how you can take courses for beginners such as Beginner’s Writer’s Workshop, Travel Writing, Introduction to Internet Writing Markets, Pleasures of Poetry and The Craft of Magazine Writing to just name a few.  You can learn how to “Write Fiction Like a Pro” and find “Romance Writing Secrets”.

I have taken many courses with them and some have been better than others but their writing courses have been really good.  So start with ed2go programs when you are researching online training if you wish to learn how to write.  Click on this link now and look at their 300+ courses you can sign up for.

Happy writing,

Carol Ann

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