Is Travel Insurance necessary?

Vacation Planning includes insurance

If you are like me, you are dreaming and planning your next trip, deciding where you are going to go, how you will get there and what your budget will be. The last thing on your mind is having an accident, falling ill or having any emergency as part of your vacation plans. But preparing for those types of issues is just as important as knowing how much your trip will cost you.

Scenario #1

You have your flight and hotels booked and are getting pretty excited about the upcoming trip with your family. Everyone is getting anxious and have packed and repacked their suitcases many times. The day before the departure date you or one of your children fall ill and require hospitalization. Have you arranged for cancellation insurance? By ensuring that you are adequately insured you should be able to receive a refund on your pre-paid travel expenses. Relief. Affordable Health Insurance. Compare the leading carriers side-by-side.

Scenario #2

You have arrived at your destination, the weather and the water are both warm and the beach is calling you. Oops, you trip over a stone on your way across the street, fall down and realize you have broken your leg. You now require medical care, possible hospitalization or even surgery. You are hundreds or thousands of miles away from home and the last thing you need to be worrying about is the thousands of dollars it may cost you for your medical care. That’s where your travel insurance comes to your rescue. eHealthInsurance – FREE Instant Quotes!

Scenario #3

As a Canadian you cross the border between Canada and the United States quite regularly, shopping for gas, groceries and clothing.  Most of us give little thought to whether we are insured in the event of an emergency.  But are we?  Not necessarily!

The high cost of medical expenses in a foreign country can be expensive ~ VERY EXPENSIVE!  Why risk it and not insure yourself while traveling or in the event of a cancelled trip?  It’s not worth it.  I know it seems expensive initially but the cost of your hospital bills may cause you a lifetime of grief whereby you may loose your home or worse yet, not get medical care when traveling.

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Carol Ann Quibell




Carol Ann Quibell



A freelance writer/photographer and columnist, Carol Ann has traveled extensively throughout Canada, USA, Mexico, Central America and most recently China. She regularly contributes to a variety of online and print magazines. Recent articles can be found in Senior Living, RVwest, Mature Years, FMCA, Escapees and Elderly Elder. She was a contributing author to the award-winning book RV Traveling Tales – Women’s Journey of the Open Road. Her most memorable trip was backpacking and documenting a three month journey with her children throughout Central America.

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