Letter from Shanghai – Typhoon season

Enjoying Shanghai – Typhoon

I am currently visiting in China and thought some of you might find this funny –  a travel experience I had that I found quite humorous and wanted to share with you.

You would have laughed at me – I was out in a torrential rainstorm in Shanghai and was trying to flag down a taxi and then knew I would have the fun of trying to explain in my non-chinese where I wanted to go. Of course the address I was going was written in English. It seems that Chinese taxi drivers haven’t been trained in english. Who knew? That was okay to get there (I went to a hotel and got them to get me one). Then jumped in the cab and wouldn’t get out until he figured it out. Fixed him. Actually a passerby saw that we were struggling and came to our rescue.

But the fun part was trying to come home. ha ha  – the cabs were all full because of the rain, it was pouring so hard and although I had an umbrella the water was splashing up so high my clothes were drenched.

So there I was running across a busy intersection in a major city with no traffic rules, cars coming from every direction, my umbrella blowing in the wind and my shoe comes undone. I am running across the street with one bare foot trying to keep my umbrella from blowing away and wishing I was anywhere else. After seeing another woman jump in a cab only to jump out just as quickly knew that a cab ride was out of the question. She couldn’t get the driver to understand where she was going and I knew I wouldn’t be having any more success.

Down to the underground metro I go. Trying to figure out the metro station when you don’t know the district you’re going to was fun as well. I kept asking people I thought might speak English and looked helpful. I had quite the conversation with a lady from Israel who tried desperately to help me and even phoned her husband to look up my address on a map. No luck.

The next victim was a young girl who I thought she said she was from BC when we she actually said D.C. and until I cleared that up couldn’t figure out where the town in BC was that she was from. We had a good laugh. I finally went to the police station and got directions! Seriously this is typhoon season. You would think I knew better.

Anyway I hope you have a good laugh at my expense – it’s all about traveling and appreciating the experience.

Carol Ann

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