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Eunice Nisbett continues to share her travel tips to the Eastern Caribbean in her guest post below.

Tips for Travelling to the Eastern Caribbean

By Eunice Nisbett


1.          Playing It Safe

Consider obtaining comprehensive travel and medical insurance, which includes medical evacuation by air ambulance, before travelling.

You might think of the Caribbean islands as Paradise, however do exercise caution. Act sensibly and be security conscious.

Know the sites which should be avoided in each island.

Avoid walking alone in isolated areas.

Use only licensed taxis.

Do not carry large amounts of cash and jewellery and where possible leave your valuables and travel documents in safety deposit boxes or hotel safes.

In many countries pedestrians may flag down your vehicle in an attempt to get a lift. Do not stop to do so.

Maintain at least the same level of security awareness that you would at home.


2.          Weather and What to Wear

The islands have a sub tropical climate and you could experience sub-tropical showers during the Hurricane season from June to November. If you are planning to travel to the islands during the Hurricane Season you will want to keep an eye on the local and international weather updates.
You may wear light summer clothing year round. However, in some countries the evenings are cooler around December-January, so you may require a light sweater. Although dress is informal, you might wish to pack a semi-formal outfit for attending a dinner or other special event.  Nudity is not permitted at any beach, and in most countries swim wear is not allowed in towns or villages.


3.          Talking Money

The official currency of these countries, is the East Caribbean Dollar (EC$), which is tied to the US$ at a rate of EC$2.70 =US$1.00. Commercial banks offer a guaranteed rate of US$1.00 to EC$2.67 less applied bank charges in some instances. Local vendors may offer a slightly lower rate.  Check out the history of the EC Dollar here.

You will find, however, that most establishments will also accept US dollars and will quote prices in either, or both, currency. Clarify the currency being quoted and the exchange rate being used. Pay attention to features of the Notes to ensure that you are receiving genuine currency.

4.          The Way We Speak

The official language spoken throughout the Eastern Caribbean is English. In Saint Lucia and Dominica, however, many persons speak a French dialect, Creole (Kwéyòl)/Patois. You may also find some radio programmes and News in Creole. There are creole festivals in Dominica and Saint Lucia.

The information presented in this article is general and for informational purposes only. Please check with the website for the Ministry of Tourism in each country, for specific information. Then you will be all set for your trip. Know Before You Go and have a great vacation.
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