My flight has been cancelled?


After riding a bus all night from Kelowna to Vancouver,BC and  hanging around part of the seedier part of the city until the Sky Trains were operating I arrived at the airport to see the monitor indicating my flight was cancelled! No, it can’t be.

It wasn’t cancelled. A computer glitch indicated the flight was cancelled and once everyone was calmed down by a very nice Air Canada staff member it was time to relax. One good thing about the potential cancellation scare was a good number of us started to speak with each other, sharing our destinations, trip plans and a bit of history about ourselves.

RVing in Africa

This gave me an opportunity to meet a very interesting couple from Eugene, Oregon who were heading to Shanghai on a tour that would include China, Cambodia and Hong Kong. I was fascinated by the adventures they have taken, especially some of the out-of-the-ordinary places they visited. RVing in Africa seemed to be a highlight and I will be contacting them for more information on that. I don’t know anyone who has RV’d in Africa – do you?

Time Difference between BC and China

My flight was perfect.  Michael had booked a window seat for me and no one was sitting next to me so I was able to stretch out, get comfy and close my eyes. As soon as I was seated, I adjusted my watch to the current time in Shanghai (15 hours ahead) which made it about 2:00 a.m. and after taking a light sleeping pill had a great sleep.  Between first rate movies, a comfortable seat and catching up on my sleep the flight seemed to take no time at all.  I was pleasantly surprised but ready to get off the plane when we landed in Shanghai 12 hours after we left Vancouver.

I am in China and ready for an adventure!

Carol Ann Quibell





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