Singles Vacation On A Budget

Singles Vacation Options Are Wide Open Even On A Budget

If you are single and want to take a fun and exciting vacation, or you just want a little quiet getaway, there are many ways you can travel without breaking your budget. You shouldn’t have to spend years saving every cent, or worry about maxing out your credit cards just to experience life, meet new people, or soak your stress away in the sun and surf. With proper planning, and a little savvy shopping, you can enjoy a wonderful, well-deserved vacation on a limited budget.

Full Speed Ahead – traveling as a single

If your idea of a rejuvenating vacation is to kick up your routine a notch or two, a long weekend in a big city for shopping, dancing, and fine dining can get your blood pumping again and even introduce you to some new friends. Try New York City, for example. You can eat street vendor food, take in an off-Broadway show, and shop huge discount houses in order to save money. A walk in Central Park is free. Save on items you can so you can splurge on the things that are important to your big city adventure.

Even though you wouldn’t call New York City, or most big cities, cheap destinations, there are plenty of deals to be found. Search the internet for coupons and deals before booking. Also, consider the fact that flights to major airports are often cheaper simply because they are major connections or hubs for just about everywhere.

For short trips, like long weekends, a large city can’t be beat for deals, inexpensive travel, and excitement. Plan one event and wrap a few smaller events around it and your itinerary will fill up fast. That four day vacation will feel like a week before you know it, perfect for the jet-setter.

Reduced Speed Ahead – traveling as a single

If your idea of the perfect vacation is one where you can slow the pace down and enjoy quiet moments, then a long weekend in a spa may be right up your alley. Check out the fantastic spas in Arizona, California, West Virginia, Oregon, and Washington, and all across the country for a quick getaway spa package. Four days in the warm sun and cool nights will do you, and your nerves, wonders.

Or, take a tour. We’re not talking about the kind where you’re stuck on a bus. There are many tours that are relaxing, fun, and even educational.  Winery tours are great examples of touring in a nice atmosphere that is easy-going with beautiful scenery and, of course, with the pleasures of wine mixed in. Sign up for cooking classes, painting classes, or even walking tours through historic places.


Of course, if you just need quiet time, four days at the beach or in the mountains may be perfect for you. Choose the “slightly off season” – the weeks right before or after peak season, and you’ll enjoy the good weather along with the cut rates. Bring along the books you’ve been meaning to read, or the cross-stitch, or even that great American novel you’ve been working on writing. Time away from the hustle bustle of your life, even if only a few days, can work wonders to restore your energy.

Big Time Travel Destinations – for single travellers

If your vacation plans involve more than a few days, you want to branch out. Whether you choose to grab one or two of your other single friends, or brave the adventure alone, there are many destinations that are made just for you.

Singles vacations are so desirable, you can often get great all-inclusive deals at some of the most popular areas and hotels. If you love to dance the night away, sunbathe and swim without worrying about kids around, or enjoy other adult fun, then exotic places like Cancun, Aruba, and Jamaica are perfect, affordable getaways custom made for you. Be sure to go online and compare deals at all these destinations. They are all vying for your dollars, and are very competitive, so be selective and choose the package that suits you best for the right price.

For sheer historic grandeur, music, art, poetry, and scenic beauty, a trip to Greece, Italy, France, or Amsterdam may be just what you are looking for. You will be able to take hikes along the mountainside, meander through old village streets, walk along sandy beaches, explore the ruins of old castles, and see museums filled with breathtaking art. The single traveller can save big money by signing up for a tour. There are many tours organized specifically for singles, so you don’t have to feel like a fifth wheel. And, the price is right. The tour company wants to fill the spots, so each individual gets a great deal.

All inclusive vacations, like the ones that are very popular in the Caribbean, are great deals for singles. You don’t have to worry about carrying extra money around or where you’re going to eat. Everything is right there for you. European tours for singles take the worry out of travelling alone. You can relax and enjoy the view, or get involved meeting new people. Both vacations give the single traveller complete control over how they want to enjoy themselves – full throttle or coasting.

Years ago the tourism industry catered completely to families. Now, the single traveller has taken front stage. Whether young or old, single people want the freedom to choose a vacation destination to suit their needs, either alone or with a group. Inexpensive options are everywhere, when you take the time to look.

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