Stay away from RV Clubs!


Stay away from RV clubs

only if you’re crazy! 

RVer’s know better than that because most are social people who like to get together with their friends, family or fellow RVers  to share good times and information and appreciate everything the clubs have to offer.

Benefits of RV Clubs


One of the benefits of belonging to an RV club such as Good Sam Club is the discounts members receive when staying at hundreds of campgrounds and the services members receive that are specifically for RVers.  One of these is  insurance for travel, vehicle and your RV.  They target the RV industry specifically and know what they need and want.  Many times we have tried purchasing different insurances for our fifth wheel only to find that a regular insurance agency does not always understand the needs of a fulltime RVer. It can be extremely frustrating. Join the Good Sam Club for RV Tips, Camping Discounts & More!

Events, Rallies, Escapades and Jamborees

If you haven’t attended a Rally or an Escapee Escapade you have no idea what you are missing. The opportunity for learning anything related to RVing, lifestyle issues or hobbies that may include ham radios, learning how to drive an RV, whittling or just having the chance to meet like-minded people is phenomenal.  Attending any of these events gives everyone a chance of making lifelong friends, visiting a new location or learning something new.

Technical Help

There is always someone in the club who has the answer to any question you may have about your RV or maybe a destination.  Ask a question in any forum and you will receive an answer.  Most Clubs have experts they can call on to respond to any cry for assistance you may have. 

Roadside Assistance

Good Sam Club is just one of the clubs offering roadside assistance to their members.  President’s Club, Coast to Coast and a few others provide emergency service to either get you back on the road or tow it to a repair facility. 

Mail Forwarding

Fulltime RVers have a common problem of needing their mail forwarded and Escapees has one of the best.  Because they are an RV Club they understand some of the issues RVers face when traveling constantly and need their mail sent at short notice.  They may hold it for you if you are traveling for an extended period and not accessible. 

Community – sharing tips

One of the best things about joining an RV Club is networking with other RVers via forums, email, etc to learn anything related to RVing, camping, RVs, or destination issues.  You can also find RVs to purchase or this could be a place to sell yours.

Anyone who is serious about RVing or camping should check out some of the RV Clubs available ~ there should be one that meets your needs. We have belonged to Escapees for many years and have never regretted it ever.  Find one that applies to you because you are not crazy! Your an RVer. Join the Good Sam Club for RV Tips, Camping Discounts & More!

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