Teaching English Abroad

If you can speak English then you can teach it.

I recently took a very short workshop at the Elder College about teaching English abroad and found it to be extremely helpful and informative.  However, there seems to be a lot of confusion as to what is required to qualify as an English Teacher in a foreign country especially if you wish to.Earn money teaching English abroad – i-to-i paid teaching jobs

Our instructor stated that if English is your first language then you can teach it.  Think about it – you are already ahead of anyone who doesn’t know English or is struggling with it.  Now, having said that it doesn’t mean you can fly overseas and expect to obtain a job teaching English without any qualifications.  However, if you wanted to volunteer as an English teacher you will probably find lots of opportunities in most countries but there won’t be any pay involved.  You may receive accommodation and meals or Spanish lessons in return though.

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A group of Foreign Teachers in ChinaIf you are a qualified teacher the doors are probably open for you anywhere you wish to travel.  My son is a qualified teacher from British Columbia and teaches in China at a private school.  However, he isn’t teaching English, he teaches BC High school curriculum to students who already know English.  That is a whole different topic.

Most schools require their teachers to have a Bachelor Degree and appreciate it if they have a TEFL certification also.  It is possible to obtain jobs with just the TEFL but they will be harder to find.  Not impossible though.  There are many ways to obtain the TEFL certification – both in a classroom environment and online.  There have been questions raised about the credibility of online programs and whether schools will accept the accreditation so be selective when searching for an online course.

A benefit of some of the training institutes is their community – where they share information and help each other find placements, answer questions and support.  One such training facility is the i-to-i  Teach English abroad course who offers both online and classroom instruction.  They’ve been around for about 18 years , are based in England and reviews have been positive.

They do have a job board with postings from all over the world and today when I looked at it there were postings from Asia – China, Vietnam; Europe, The Americas including Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico; Africa.  There were too many to mention here but definitely worth exploring further.  There is a fairly active forum and they offer internships.

People of all ages are teaching in foreign countries.  Sometimes they are recent graduates, retirees, or just regular people looking for an adventure.  It doesn’t matter who you are if this is something you wish to do then I say go for it.  What do you have to lose?  Click on their logo below now and get your TEFL certification.

Happy travels,

Carol Ann Quibell


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