Thanks for doing a good job!

A while back I took on a writing assignment from someone I met over the internet.  It only took me a couple of hours and since I had the time to do it agreed.  Below is the response I received when she reviewed my material.  Kind of makes a person feel good to know they did a good job.

Outstanding! The article you have written is exactly what I was looking for. You’re a life saver, this is one last article I have to write. I have four big one’s to write tonite, so you’ve helped me out big time.

Thanxs a mil! Can I keep you on file for more?


It is always nice to receive praise for doing a good job and when we receive praise it gives us the confidence to do more and sometimes step out of the box and our comfort zone.  Have you thanked the people who have done something for you – whether it is someone who works for you or someone in your family?

All the best and thank you to my friends and family for everything you have done to help me throughout my life.

Happy travels and also happy writing.

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