Three simple tips to take great photos

These three simple tips can be done by anyone to create beautiful photos

I recently attended the BC Association of Travel Writers Symposium and one of the speakers was photographer David Smith. Christina Newberry, a fellow travel writer wrote a synopsis of his presentation which was excellent so am sharing it with you – my fellow travellers and writers.

DavidSmithFavicon128x128.jpg DavidSmithFavicon128x128.jpg     David Smith of Interface Images is a Vancouver-based freelance photographer who also teaches the art of digital photography on some of the world’s top cruise lines. Recently, he spoke at the BC Association of Travel Writers annual symposium about how to take better pictures while travelling. The key? Take pictures of people. Sure, landscape and architecture shots are great, but it’s pictures of people that will make your travel photography unique (and share-worthy) and help you build and capture lasting memories. “Explore what your camera means to you as you interact with cultures around the world,” he said. Here are his top three tips for getting great shots of local people as you travel around the world.

You can read her post on David’s site and use his tips to take photos you will want to share. Let me know what your thoughts are on his suggestions and if you try them out.  How successful were you?

Here’s the link to the blog post;  David Smith  ~ I am sharing this with David’s permission and for even more tips on taking good photos sign up for his newsletter.


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