Travel by Dart

Having trouble deciding where to travel next? 

Travel by DartThrow a dart at a map of the world!  That’s how two friends Sorin Mihailovici and Matt Cook choose the destination for an escapade that would not only change their lives but the lives of countless others. Not wanting to wait for life to happen like many of us do these two Canadians choose to meet it head on and create their own adventure by travel by dart. And what an adventure it continues to be!

It’s not about traveling – or even to travel by dart – it’s about making a difference.

The dart Matt threw just happened to land on the North Pole, home to constantly shifting thick sea ice, freezing cold temperatures and of course Polar Bears. The polar bears needed their help and they needed a great story for their first episode of adventure. Not only did these two want to experience adventure travel they wanted to make a difference to the people or land they were visiting. A partnership was created with a portion of online donations they received going towards the World Wildlife Fund, bringing about more awareness to the needs of the Polar Bears.

They now knew what their show was going to be about. Yes, they decided that their story should become an adventure travel TV show focusing on helping the people or the land they visited chosen by the throwing of a dart. They have succeeded in a way neither of them could possibly have imagined.

Spreading the word

It sounds simple but it really wasn’t easy. There were expenses to cover, travel arrangements to make, and of course they needed to let people know what they were doing and obtain their support. Sponsors were needed and donations were welcomed, not only to cover their trip but also to help the polar bears. They did it!

How could they possibly top a trip to the North Pole?Travel by dart

During a very successful fund raising gala in Edmonton, Alberta the sponsor who donated the most money threw the dart landing on Russia – their next destination and got to travel with them! The homeless children were the focus and benefit of their cross-country trip through Russia. The journey wasn’t without it’s surprises and difficulties, but that’s what adventure travel is all about.

Matt and Sorin plan to make a difference

These two have a vision and where most people would have given up they continue to work towards their ultimate goal of creating a successful adventure travel show and make a huge difference in the world. If they don’t succeed it won’t be for lack of trying – my money is on their success. The world will be a better place because of these two adventurers who travel by dart.

Where will the dart land next?

We all should have an adventure even half as exciting as these two are having.

Happy travels,

Carol Ann

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