When I grow up “I want to travel to Japan”

Childhood memories & dreams of travelling to Japan


Carol Ann QuibellToday I was visiting other travel blogs and reading about how others are living their dreams by traveling full time or at least spending a great deal of time traveling to their favorite locations in the world.  One of these reminded me of a time that stands out in my mind…

As a young child I remember sitting in my grade 5 class and my teacher wanted to know what everyone wanted to be when they grew up and I heard things like “I want to be a teacher” or “I want to drive a dump truck” or some such response.  When it became my turn I said “I want to travel to Japan”.  Where that answer came from I don’t know but that was my answer.  I can still picture myself sitting at my desk and my classmates all around me.  The teacher (a male – I can’t remember his name) standing at the front.  The moment is vivid in my mind.  I don’t know what his response was or what happened after that but I never forgot it. I do remember thinking that everyone might think my answer was stupid and maybe that’s why I remember it so well, but I don’t think that’s why.  Something was telling me I wanted to travel and Japan seemed very exotic to me.

I still have never gotten to Japan but I have traveled extensively throughout Canada, United States, Mexico, Central America and China.  Japan is still on my list.  But that’s not the only country I want to see.  The issue is finding a way to make my dreams come true and coming up with a way financially to make it possible.  Plans are in the works – sign up for my newsletter and I will share with you tips and suggestions on how you too may be able to make your dreams come true – even if they don’t include travelling to Japan like mine do.

Happy travels,

Carol Ann Quibell

PS:  Working remotely as a WordPress website builder, travel writer and virtual assistant makes it possible to earn an income no matter where I am located so money may not be an issue.

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