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My Travel Videos

I have been fortunate to experience some very interesting events and took some videos I think are interesting and hope you will also.  Each country is listed below with a snippet of information you will find when you click on it’s link.

Canada:  Ouch, I live here and don’t have any videos!  Shame on me.  However, I have one that I took in Port Alberni, British Columbia of a logging truck driver (Steve) who was throwing the wrappers over a gigantic HDX -H17 Logging truck. If you know anything about British Columbia you will know this province was founded on the forest industry and so I really think the video below is appropriate.


China:  I spent three weeks touring around China with my son Michael who lived in Shanghai and I fell in love with everything.  My videos here are just a small sampling of what I saw or did while I was there.  My main stops were Xian, Beijing and Shanghai and it is hard to choose which one place I enjoyed more because they are each so individual in what they offer.  The street food vendors were huge and the water villages were fantastic.

The first video has had over a million viewers and has started some very lively discussions – not all positive.  See what you think!



Guatemala:  I have been to Guatemala a number of times but on this trip Barry and I went together and spent some time in Chichicastenango during the  Santo Tomas Fiesta and the street dancers captivated me.  Unfortunately I got sick while we were there and had to return to Antigua but here are a few of the videos I was able to capture while we were there.