Visiting Seattle Washington – read the fine print!

Sightseeing in Seattle

Traveling on a budget means reading the fine print especially when booking a hotel

Space NeedleWe definitely did not follow our own rules when we traveled to Seattle last week and spent way more money than we should have.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Seattle.  There’s so much to see and do but if your not careful Seattle is expensive!

Searching for a hotel in Seattle

We followed our typical procedure when looking for a hotel by getting on first but actually splurged on a 5 star hotel for a 4 star price.  So far so good.  Our bill was more than we would normally pay but we knew that going in.  However, what we didn’t do was read the fine print.  The cost just started adding up and the more that happened the more we regretted spoiling ourselves on a luxury hotel.  Parking was $30 a day and wifi was $11 a day.  Ouch!!  If we had only stayed at a hotel in our practical price range we probably would have had free parking, free wifi and a breakfast would have been thrown in to sweeten the pot. The reason we were in this situation was because we didn’t read the fine print – we just assumed it would have all been included as normal.  Were we ever wrong.  It was not fault either – it was ours.  Lesson learned.

 Seattle City Tour

However, other than the high cost of our hotel we did enjoy ourselves and spent one afternoon at Pike Market and then a day that included the Space Needle and Chihuly Garden & Glass Museum which was the highlight of the day.  Wandering through the expedition, the Glasshouse and the Garden was spectacular.

Chihuly Garden & Glass


Dale Chihuly’s art of blown glass is absolutely amazing and his creativity is more than I could ever imagine.

Chihuly Garden & Glass

It almost makes me want to take some glass blowing lessons but I know my limitations.




Chihuly Garden & Glass





The afternoon at Pike Place Market was fun and the food was tasty.

Candy shop at Pike Market
All that candy!








Once we got over the expensive hotel expenses we really did enjoy ourselves and after Seattle we traveled towards the San Juan Islands taking the ferry from Edmonds to Kingston.  Here’s a video of the view of the ferry dock as we left Edmonds.

Happy travels,

Carol Ann Quibell


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