What a ride! Riding Scooters in China.

Scooters in China are a favorite way to travel

Bouncing along the highway, fingers gripped so tightly they were numb, I rode behind Michael on his scooter to Tongli – an ancient water village about 45 minutes from here.Michael Collier riding a scooter through Tongli

Weaving around potholes, cars pulling out in front of us and scooters driven by oblivious people,  we had quite the adventure. Horns honking in every direction warning others they are coming – even though it really doesn’t seem to affect how they drive. They just pull out front of you anyway.

No rules!

At least ones I could see – it’s a free for all that seems to work but I was extremely glad to arrive back at the apartment in one piece – but that was after we stopped at a shop to purchase a 2 litre pop jug of gas so we would be ready for the next adventure and ride.

I find it interesting that the ride to Tongli and the dinner stand out more than the actual historic site, although the site was fabulous and I have great intentions of going back there before I head home.

The journey is sometimes actually more important than the destination.

Happy travels,

Carol Ann Quibell


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