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Groupon discount TESOL Training gets very bad reviews

Teaching in ChinaOne hour I just wasted searching for positive reviews for an online educational program that supposedly offers certification for those wishing to teach English in a foreign country.  Groupon was advertising this course for $69, a savings of hundreds of dollars.  My first instinct was if it seems too good to be true it probably is but not wanting to pass up on a good opportunity if this was legit I started digging further.  I noted that 50 people had already purchased it and because this was only for a very limited time I had better hurry up and buy it now.

The deeper I dug into the course the more negative comments and information I received with the odd good comment thrown in just to shake it up a bit. I am always looking for information on these types of courses because if its possible to travel and work I am interested.  Not only for myself but to pass on the information to others I know who want to travel but need to work to pay for their travels.

Dave’s ESL Cafe

A popular resource for teachers who wish to work overseas is Dave’s cafe so that was the first place I visited and there was lot’s of conversation and questions that went back over a year asking the same questions I was. “Was this a reputable company and was the course recognized by foreign employers?”  A typical response was “On their site, there’s a Toronto address, but no information on who created or is teaching the course, nothing on their credentials or experience. Also (and this is a stopper for me), I’ve spotted at several errors in grammar and awkward phrasing on the site.”  There were more.

i to i TEFL Review

So you can imagine when I searched for reviews on 1 to i TEFL I was pleasantly surprised that the reviews were much more positive.  They weren’t perfect but for the most part people felt they received their monies worth. i-to-i  Teach English abroad course

I found the following review  “I did a 20 hour course and a 20 hour grammar module, before teaching abroad, and it was a great way to get the qualification and the confidence necessary to jump right in at the deep end. The course was so accessible, the material really well designed and the instructor was excellent.”


“For an online course, I was pleasantly surprised by the content of the course and the high level of attention given to online students. Yes, I would have preferred the course to include a little more content, but there are so many links for suggested reading that as a student wanting to teach it is up to you to put the effort into the course in order to get more out of it.
I-to-I have also been running a number of online webinars which accompany the course which cover a variety of topics and allow for a question and answer session following a half hour interactive presentation.
I doubt this is the best course available, but I would definitely recommend it as a starting point in order to gain confidence and get a clear insight to what ESL teaching really involves.”

There were negative reviews which made sense but there were more positive than negative and i to i should be considered seriously if anyone is planning on getting their TESOL certification online. i-to-i  Teach English abroad course

Getting back to that Groupon offer, it definitely was too good to be true.  The same as anything else ~ in order to become certified in anything and actually know what you are doing requires work.  There are countries that are looking for English teachers and in some countries, such as China, Asia and parts of Central America it’s easier to obtain teaching jobs without a degree but it’s in everyone’s best interest to get the best training you can. i-to-i  Teach English abroad course

Happy travels,

Carol Ann Quibell

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