Where and how to find last minute travel deals

Are your vacation plans flexible?

It sometimes can be very beneficial to wait until the last minute before booking flights and hotels but it’s also possible to save even more by booking your travel arrangements months in advance.  By being flexible and having the ability to take advantage of last minute discounted fares or packages can be hugely beneficial and make it possible to save a lot of money.  Last minute deals usually take place because someone has cancelled their trip and the travel company needs to get it re-booked.

Where to Search for Last Minute Travel Deals

The first place to find terrific last minute travel deals is by searching the internet.  Some of the most popular and good websites to find the best deals are Expedia, Travelocity.ca, BudgetAir.ca, last minute travel.com, farecompare.com, Hotwire.com and cheaptickets.com.  Search their sites for travel discounts and most specifically search for packages where you get everything rolled into one price, thus saving even more money.

Take your time and compare each deal

Most travel websites give you the opportunity to compare each deal you find and all it takes is typing in your destination choice and voila ~ you will receive quotes of different deals from a variety of sites.  Now it’s up to you to compare everything each offer and chooses the best one.  Don’t forget to include taxes and fees because they don’t always include them initially.  You don’t want any surprises.

Things to watch for when comparing travel offers

  •  Layovers, how many and how much time are you wasting?
  • Departure and arrival times – do they work for you?
  • Hotel amenities – some offer more than others
  • Taxes and fees

Stay alert to current trends and offers

Sign up for newsletter or emails lists and receive notice of what’s available – that way when you see something interesting you can jump on it right away.  That’s the whole point of this – saving money on your travel arrangements.  The secret is to be prepared and ready to leave at the last minute with your passport being current and money put aside.  Remember that’s the point of being flexible – being able to take advantage of an offer when it’s available.

Should you book your trip with a Travel Agent

Not all deals are advertised and the only ones who know of them may be travel agents.  By creating a working relationship with a travel agent who knows the type of travel you prefer and you let them know to contact you if anything comes up you may even benefit more than just searching for last minute travel deals on the internet.

By being flexible in your travel plans and ready to leave at short notice you may possibly have the best vacation of your life and at a lot less than you thought it would cost ever!

Happy travels,

Carol Ann Quibell Carol Ann

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