YVR – all was good until I got there

Carol Ann QuibellCancelled!  My trip was cancelled! Was I really going to China?

That’s what the board said. Sitting at Tim Horton’s (I know once again) having an enjoyable cup of tea (because I had too much coffee earlier) I looked up at the computer board listing all the flights that were due to depart within the next few hours.  My flight 25 was at the top of the list and now said “cancelled”.  What’s with that?

I looked over at two fellows a few tables over that I knew were going on the same flight and asked them if they knew anything about it.  Well that got some action.  My tea, their coffee was forgotten as we left the area and headed over to our departure gate. And the problem person that I can be I also mentioned it to a couple other people who happened to be sitting in the area.

That got some action because an airport employee started to panic (visibly – well sort of) and went to find out what was happening.  Ten minutes later the word cancelled was removed and an announcement was made that they were having computer problems and the trip was not cancelled.  By this time I had set a message via Facebook and twitter letting my friends and family the trip may be cancelled.  i also phoned my husband and got him into a panic.  When I do it ~ I do it well.  Emails were coming in fast and furious over my blackberry and then I had to spend the next ten minutes reassuring everyone that all was well – computer glitch.  At least it wasn’t a computer glitch on the airplane.

Through all of that I was very lucky to meet a really nice couple – Bob and Judy from Eugene who were also flying to Shanghai to meet up with a small group who would be traveling the area for the next month  They also are RVers so my interest really increased.  Nice people and I am looking forward to connecting with them again in the future to learn more about their travels.

My flight was wonderful.  What ca I say, I didn’t have to share a seat with anyone, I had two pillows and blankets, wonderful staff who brought me a couple of delicious meals, continuous water and new movies that I had not been able to see.  For 12 hours I sat on that plane, flying over Alaska, Russia and down into China and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I took a bit of a sleeping pill and got a few hours of sleep trying to put myself on China time – 15 hours ahead.  I think I did very well because I didn’t feel totally exhausted and was able to enjoy the trip in a taxi from the airport to the area where my son is teaching – a couple of hours away.

That’s the next stage of the first day of this journey – a taxi driver who will take you anywhere you want to go, including shopping, wait for you and then take you home – all for an extremely reasonable price.  What a pleasant trip.

What was fun was the grocery store we stopped at so Michael could stock up and find out what I wanted to eat while staying with him.  That was an interesting and fun experience.  Stay tuned.  Better yet sign up for updates on my travel experiences and be the first to know what is happening.  You may want to know about my eye closing, hand clenching scooter ride that I will never forget as we wove our way through the narrow little streets of Longli, an ancient water village, getting

Happy travels,

Carol Ann Quibell

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