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Let me introduce Guatemala and the 6 best things to do in Antigua, Guatemala Each time I visit Antigua, Guatemala I learn

No one needs a travel blog - that's the truth, but...If you want to share your adventure stories, potentially earn a bit of income and create a following of fans then the answer is yes - then you want to read this.

Why you should visit the Baja in Mexico and go fly fishing.

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A home to some of the best Spanish Language Schools is Antigua, Guatemala – and a destination for immersing yourself in the

Are you like many others who assume their travel insurance covers them if they should die?  Do you know what happens if

How to purchase travel insurance – without stress Revised November 2022 Table of Contents  “Where do I start?” you ask yourself when

We needed spanish lessons and were heading for La Antigua, Guatemala

Not know what you want to order in a restaurant - go into the kitchen and point!

Enjoy learning about what is the Fiesta de Santo Tomas and Christmas in Guatemala.

Visiting the Lone Star State creates good memories - Don't mess with Texas!

Tour British Columbia's award-winning wineries.