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Visiting the Lone Star State creates good memories - Don't mess with Texas!

Are you like many others who assume their travel insurance covers them if they should die?  Do you know what happens if

A home to some of the best Spanish Language Schools is Antigua, Guatemala – and a destination for immersing yourself in the

No one needs a travel blog - that's the truth, but...If you want to share your adventure stories, potentially earn a bit of income and create a following of fans then the answer is yes - then you want to read this.

Let me introduce Guatemala and the 6 best things to do in Antigua, Guatemala Each time I visit Antigua, Guatemala I learn

Scrivener is the best writer's tool I have found for writers to stay organized with and allow them to be creative and write. A FREE version available for downloading.

Are you a writer? Do you feel like a fraud? You’re not alone! Sometimes we get in the way of ourselves. As

Why you should visit the Baja in Mexico and go fly fishing.

How to purchase travel insurance – without stress Revised November 2022 Table of Contents  “Where do I start?” you ask yourself when

We needed spanish lessons and were heading for La Antigua, Guatemala

Not know what you want to order in a restaurant - go into the kitchen and point!