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I’ve broken down the blog posts for each Country or region separately – please scroll down to find the one you are looking for.

Travel to China

Not know what you want to order in a restaurant - go into the kitchen and point!

Travel to Central America

A home to some of the best Spanish Language Schools is Antigua, Guatemala – and a destination for immersing yourself in the …

Enjoy learning about what is the Fiesta de Santo Tomas and Christmas in Guatemala.

We needed spanish lessons and were heading for La Antigua, Guatemala

Independent – Senior Travel Adventures    Pack your suitcase, dust off your backpack, call your travel agent and book a flight to …

Travel to Canada

The small town of Oliver in southern British Columbia is fast becoming known as the “Wine Capital of Canada”.

Tour British Columbia's award-winning wineries.

Travel to the United States

Visiting the Lone Star State creates good memories - Don't mess with Texas!

Click here to see my travel videos from the US