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If you’re a writer, chances are you’ve suffered from a condition that is all but inevitable if you do it long enough…


Along with feelings of disorganization, prospects seemingly dragging on forever, the pressure of looming deadlines…and on and on it goes.

Well, those challenges are about to come against a formidable foe…The Scrivener Coach!

Joseph Michael IS The Scrivener Coach and on December 15th, you have a chance to learn why he’s earned that handle.

 “How To Use Scrivener To Organize Your Writing and Research”

Those who have gone through his Scrivener training claim to wake up in the morning feeling ‘sheer delight’ at the prospect of sitting down to write. 

Not simple delight…but SHEER delight!

And this is your chance to find out what all the fanfare is about.

Joseph teaches Scrivener in a step-by-step way that anyone can understand.   

And now you’re going to experience one of those trainings…absolutely FREE!


So, what exactly IS Scrivener?

Scrivener is the go-to app for writers of all kinds, used every day by best-selling novelists, screenwriters, non-fiction writers, students, academics, lawyers, journalists, translators and more. 

It won’t tell you HOW to write—bit it WILL provide you with everything you need to start writing and…keep at it!  

And this won’t be your typical webinar where you learn a bunch of theory and then find yourself left to put the pieces together on your own.

During this masterclass, you’ll actually watch over The Scrivener Coach’s shoulder as he shares his screen and shows you exactly “how” to make Scrivener work for your own unique writing style. 

(You must come see it for yourself!)

 “How To Use Scrivener To Organize Your Writing and Research”

You’ll learn all about the “hidden” horsepower that makes Scrivener a “must have” writing partner…

Things like… 

…how to set up Scrivener for YOUR success…quickly and, in a way that  virtually guarantees your success!

…how to use hidden features like the Split Editor so you FEEL like a true artist…(you’ll be shocked how much better your writing gets with just this tool!)

…how to use the Outliner to organize massive projects and…complete them! (Imagine…feeling COMPLETELY in control of your writing process)


…how to turn the famous Scrivener Corkboard into your own ‘writing lab’ so you NEVER lose track of anything again!


…how to track your progress with stats and even word counts to keep you efficient and prolific. (WARNING: You will be amazed by how much faster you can write and consistently hit your word/page goals!

…how to use little known labeling tricks to turn yourself into a writing machine…whether you have a million ideas, or just one!

…how to customize your background, corkboard and index cards so it matches your writing and work style (perfect for anyone who likes to do things THEIR way!)


…how you can go back to multiple versions of your work and continue to improve it…WITHOUT  losing any of your comments or your editor’s notes!


…how you can print, compile, share, and export your work with ANYONE so no one misses out on reading your work!

…and much much more!

So, if you want a chance to see how your writing career COULD be transformed, make sure to grab your spot for the webinar…

Do it now while you have this opportunity. 

 “How To Use Scrivener To Organize Your Writing and Research”

Yes, I use Scrivener for ALL of MY PROJECTS! I used it to plan this post and Joseph Michael is the “go-to” guy to learn how Scrivener works.  I am a student of his and that’s why I am comfortable recommending his webinar – it’s happening today!

After you attend – let me know what your thoughts are!  I want to hear from you.

Most of all – have fun!

PS:  Below are some recent reviews – don’t just take my word for it!