“How can I afford to travel?”

Not everyone has an unlimited budget with enough funds in their bank account to pay for all the traveling they wish to do.  If you are one of the lucky ones, good for you.  The rest of us need to figure out how to pay for those airline tickets, hotel rooms, museum entrance fees, restaurants, and other expenses we all seem to incur when we travel.

Not only do I have those travel expenses but there are things like medical, household expenses, vehicle costs and anything else wI need just to get by on a daily basis.  For some those regular expenses are too high and their income is too low and will not allow them the pleasure of traveling as much as they would like.

So how do the rest of us pay our travel expenses?Communication while RVing

That question is always on my mind whenever I am thinking of going on a trip.  How do I pay for my flight, hotel, fuel, food and miscellaneous expenses?  I know most people are in the same situation as I am and that is exactly the reason why I have created a section on “Making Money” on this website.  I am very interested in learning how others pay for their trips and would really like to hear from you and share your experiences with my readers.  Maybe by doing this we can help each other pay for our travel expenses and travel more! Wouldn’t that be nice?