Welcome to Write for Travel!

Great Wall of China

Are you someone who dreams of travel? It could be a trip down memory lane, a road trip across Canada or the USA, a European bicycle tour, a backpacking trip thru Peru, an Alaskan cruise, an RV journey into Mexico, or whatever travel dream you may have.

Each of us has our own travel dreams and they are all equally important. Even if your travel dream is to sit in your chair at home and binge watch documentaries of interesting countries abroad – it’s okay

As for travel writing!  

We will share our travel writing experience, offering tips, resources, suggestions and encouragement for those interested in travel writing.

We hope you will find inspiration to expand your own travel writing journey.

What you can expect from Write for Travel:

You will find information on destinations we have been to or love to write about as well as suggestions, tips and ideas on travel writing, whether it’s as a career, to supplement your income, or for general interest.

It’s all possible.

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