Why Scrivener is the best writer’s tool!

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Updated: December 2022

Scrivener does everything but write for you

Scrivener, the go-to app for writers won’t actually write for you but that’s pretty much the only thing it won’t do.  Keep reading to learn why Scrivener is the best writers tool you will ever use.

I’ve been using Scrivener, as a writer’s tool for years!  Yes, years and still recommend it 10 years after I starting using it.  There aren’t too many writers currently writing who have never heard of it or don’t use it every day.

Seriously, Scrivener is the go-to app for writers of all kinds, used every day by best-selling novelists, screenwriters, non-fiction writers, students, academics, lawyers, journalists, translators and more. Scrivener won’t tell you how to write—it simply provides everything you need to start writing and keep writing.

Scrivener, as a writer’s tool saves time

Since I purchased Scrivener it has saved me so much time and energy I can’t believe I ever wrote anything without it.  Scrivener by Literature & Latte!

Most writers I have spoken to say this writer’s tool allows them to concentrate on their writing while keeping their material including ideas, notes, research material, photos, and the outline completely organized.  It’s like having all the information you gather together in one location instead of scattered all over your desk, stuffed in filing cabinets or stored away in your head somewhere.

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It won’t write for you!

But that’s just about the only thing Scrivener won’t do.  It does make everything you need available and ready at a moment’s notice, completely accessible and manageable.  Working on a long document can become tedious and frustrating, especially if you are trying to organize the material into the right order.  It’s just a matter of dragging and dropping the material wherever you wish. It’s simple.

Work in any order you wish.

You don’t have to start at the beginning of the book or project.  Start it anywhere you like and use Scrivener’s writer’s tools to restructure or organize it the way you want and whenever you want.  It’s your project ~ do it the way you like and this program lets you. It’s all about what works best for YOU!

When I review a draft copy of my work I like to make notes along the side of the document with ideas or possible suggestions to expand or change that particular section or phrase.  I can do it with Scrivener as well as add tables, pictures, or place bullets wherever I wish.  I can view it in segments or see the document as a whole.  I can put the pages side by side, split the screen, or even use a font I like to work with and have it reformatted when I am done.

It’s ready for Publishing.

Everyone I speak with is involved with converting their books or documents for publishing on eBooks.  It’s not as easy as some people make it out to be.  All the tools are ready for you to use in submitting your manuscript or self-publish if that’s the route you wish to take.  There’s a large variety of file formats you can export your document into including MS Word, RTF, PDF and HTML.  Kindle or ePub formats are available so you can share your work for reading on any e-reader via iBooks or Amazon.

Scriptwriters don’t despair – it’s a powerful tool for you too!

Use the stage play format or switch to script writing mode or set up your own script formats.

Writers can now be organized.

Literature & Latte brags about their program allowing you to “Create order from Chaos” and they are absolutely correct.  The next most important factor is that it is so inexpensive it’s almost laughable.  Better yet, there’s a FREE trial version for any Window users who wants to try it out.  Initially Scrivener was created for the Mac and the Windows version came next.  Both are excellent.

PS:  When I first learned of Scrivener as a writer’s tool, I was skeptical and watched their videos to learn more about what it can do for me.  I was so impressed I purchased it right then and ignored the FREE Trial Version for Windows they were offering.  However, give it a try and if you like it – the price will not break the bank.