Why you should consider learning Spanish in Antigua, Guatemala

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A home to some of the best Spanish Language Schools is Antigua, Guatemala – and a destination for immersing yourself in the country’s culture. From higher-end schools to budget-friendly options there are plenty of Spanish language schools to choose from in Antigua. They offer quality instruction and interesting activities to help you learn. Read more here on our visit to Antigua, Guatemala. 

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Here's why you should consider learning Spanish in Antigua.

If you’re looking for a unique learning experience with its rich culture and history then Antigua is the place to be. The language schools in Antigua Guatemala are known for their excellent teachers, interactive courses and cultural activities that you can’t find anywhere else. Plus, the city is beautiful and safe, with visitors from all parts of the world who are also here to explore the local culture and take part in fun activities. 

Determine Your Goals when studying Spanish in Antigua

Before you begin your Spanish classes it’s important to know what your goals are. Are you a beginner or do you already have some understanding of Spanish? Will you need to be able to use your new language skills for work or travel? 

Different schools in Antigua offer different instruction and may focus on different areas or levels – so make sure the school you choose fits with your own personal learning goals. 

Do you want one-on-one instruction or small group classes? How much time do you have to study?

Learn from Qualified Teachers and Local Instructors

Whether you’re a complete beginner or more advanced student, a good Spanish language school in Antigua should be able to provide the instruction and guidance you need. You will sincerely benefit from being taught by native-speaking instructors who understand both the culture and the complexities of the language.

Quality schools will also ensure that all classes are tailored to your individual learning needs and provide plenty of opportunities to practice what you’ve learned.

Take Advantage of Smaller Class Sizes

One of the great advantages of learning Spanish in Antigua, Guatemala is that classes typically consist of smaller numbers that you’d find at school back home. This means you get more individual attention and your teacher can devote time on areas where you need more help. In addition you can expect more lively language exchanges with your fellow classmates while everyone practices their Spanish speaking skills. 

Connect with locals through Homestay Experiences in Antigua, Guatemala

“Homestay” directly translates to el hospedaje in Spanish, which means “lodging” but it’s not the same as booking a hotel room or a hostel.

    What to Expect on a Homestay In Guatemala
  • Some Guatemala homestay families work with Spanish schools.
  • A homestay isn’t usually a luxurious experience.
  • Most homestay families offer guests three meals a day, lodging in an extra bedroom, and an internet connection.
  • Guatemalans are incredibly hospitable and friendly, so they will try to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Most likely, when you come to homestay in Guatemala, you’ll end up feeling like part of the family you stay with.

A homestay gives you the perfect opportunity to get to know local people and learn more about their lifestyles. By living with a host family you can learn the language in an authentic environment and make connections with locals that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. Practice what you’ve learned in class!

Most language schools can make arrangements for homestay for their students. 

Enjoy Unique Cultural Experiences in Antigua and surrounding areas

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As a bonus, learning Spanish in Antigua gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture. Take advantage of the opportunity to live with a Guatemalan family while studying Spanish. It’s an experience you won’t forget and you may make life-long connections you won’t ever forget.

Antigua is filled with people from all over the world and offers you a range of activities and experiences you won’t find anywhere else.  Take advantage of it while you can. 

Wander the cobblestone streets, explore ancient ruins, visit nearby coffee farms, or just sit back and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere.

Many attractions such as cathedrals, markets, restaurants and shops are still housed within the colonial buildings. Visit La Merced Church, wander around the Parque Central and visit the artisan craft stalls that line the streets. 

Not only will this help you language learning experience it will be great fun!

Spanish Language Schools in Antigua, Guatemala

The following Spanish Language schools in Antigua, Guatemala are listed in no particular order. We are not affiliated with any of the schools, nor do we recommend any specific school.  We ask that you do your own research and do due diligence when choosing a school for study. Read the reviews and choose for yourself.

We hope that after reading the above information and see our enthusiasm for studying Spanish in Antigua, Guatemala you will consider this great experience. Guatemala is one of the cheapest places to learn Spanish, with affordable classes, food and lodging.

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