Top Five Reasons Why You Should Go Fly Fishing in Baja

Another thing on my bucket list – fishing in Mexico

Revised: November 2022

Guest blogger Agnes Jimenez is trying to entice all of us to head to the Baja and go fishing!  I have traveled in an RV and by bus all over Mexico and have never been to the Baja – not sure why but not because it doesn’t interest me.  It does.

Baja is considered to be one of the world’s best locations for having a trophy catch. Stretching southward from the California coast, Baja is a peninsula divided into northern and southern regions, both with their own specialty schools of fish upon which fishermen can capitalize. Whether you have only picked up a reel a few times in your life or whether you want the challenge of reeling in a highlight catch, there’s five great reasons you should fish in Baja.

 1) You Will Get a Lot of Expert Help

Finding a guide for fly fishing or a tour for a larger group is extremely easy. The outfitters that call the peninsula home offer reservations for months in advance. Once you’re there and ready to challenge your casting skills, these experts will take you to the best locations for baitfish and then the best regions of the Sea of Cortez for a trophy haul.

 2) There’s No Shortage of Fish to Catch

Eight hundred different fish species call this region of the Pacific Ocean home. While only a few dozen of those are worth catching (or worth eating), you can check off quite a few fishes from your bucket list. Do you want a fighter fish, like the amberjack or dog snapper? Are you angling for the biggest fish in the water, the blue marlin? Think you can haul up a giant squid? If you have the patience, you can catch them all.

 3) You Can Fish All Around the Clock

This semitropical fisherman’s paradise features new species that come in for feeding or breeding at all times of the year. If you want to come in the dead of winter, leaving behind snow and heavy coats, you can find Sierra or yellowtail. Want to come in the middle of summer with the family? You can fish for massive tuna or testy Dorado. Any month of the year features prime fishing for one species or another.

 4) Each Zone Offers a New Challenge

The Baja area is divided into three zones. In the East Cape, you’ll find the beaches romanticized by Hemingway. In the Cabot region, the largest marlins in the world patrol the waters. Down in Magdalena Bay, there is tranquility since only a few people visit this zone.

5) Once You are Done Fishing, There’s More to Do

Snorkeling, scuba diving, golf, ATV tours, and horseback riding are just a few of the activities that individuals or families can take part in once the fishing is done. The resort towns of Baja offer a plethora of activities when everyone has put up their reels.

It’s definitely on my bucket list after reading this and I’m sure my husband will want to do some fly fishing while we are on the Baja, in Mexico.