Travel Videos

I have been fortunate to experience some very memory provoking events and took travel videos I think are interesting and hope you will also.  

Each country is listed below with a snippet of information relevant to each travel video.

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Travel Videos of Canada

Ouch, I live in British Columbia and don’t have any travel videos!  Why is it that we think other countries are much more interesting than our own?

Shame on me.  However, I have one that I took in Port Alberni, British Columbia of a logging truck driver (Steve) who was throwing the wrappers over a gigantic HDX -H17 Logging truck.

If you know anything about British Columbia you will know this province was founded on the forest industry. I really think the video above is an appropriate representation of the history of the forest industry in BC.

Travel Videos of China

NOTE:  The above travel video of candy blowing in China has had over a million viewers and has started some very lively discussions – not all positive.  See what you think!

During my first trip to China I spent three weeks touring around China with my son who lived in Shanghai and I fell in love with everything.  My travel videos of China are just a small sampling of what I saw or did while I was there.  

My travel destinations in China were Xian, Beijing and Shanghai and it is hard to choose which one place I enjoyed more because they are each so individual in what they offer.  The street food vendors were huge and the water villages were fantastic.  Read more about my travels in China.

Travel Videos of Guatemala

Santo Tomas celebration Pole Dancers or Palo Volador

The pole dancers or Palo Volador is a death defying performance where they tie themselves by their hands or ankles with a rope and scale a 100ft pole.and swing out from the top unravelling the rope as they come down. Santo Tomas Festival in Chichicastenango.

I have been to Guatemala a number of times but on this trip my husband and I went together and spent some time in Chichicastenango during the  Santo Tomas Fiesta and the street dancers captivated me.  

Unfortunately I got sick while we were there and had to return to Antigua but here are a few of the travel videos I was able to capture while we were there.  

Read more about my travels to Guatemala here – CLICK HERE!