Let's talk about travel and writing!

Welcome to Write for Travel, a place where you should find ideas for both writing and traveling and not necessarily in that order.

For some of us the only reason we worked was so we could pay for our travels and things haven’t changed all that much. 

This blog was started because we really want to share our travel experiences and help others enjoy their own travels. We are Canadian so our perspective might be a little bit different but it’s definitely no less enthusiastic, we promise you.

Making a living as a freelance writer and columnist is not necessarily lucrative – we don’t pretend otherwise – but it does bring in enough to aid us on our travel journeys.

We don’t want to stay in a dormitory but 5*** hotels are beyond the budget. Staying in an economical but clean hotel and have more $$$ to pay for airfare to Guatemala or pay for a tour to the Great Wall in China is preferable. Get the picture?

 What you can expect from Write for Travel:

You will find information on destinations we have been to or love to write about as well as suggestions, tips and ideas for anyone interested in writing, whether it’s as a career or to supplement their income. It’s all possible.

This blog is not just about us! 

Your travel and writing dreams are important too!

We want to learn about your travels, your experiences, how your writing helps you in your dream of travel.

Any questions or suggestions?

We would love to hear from you and get to know you too.  Please fill out the form on my contact page and we promise to respond as soon as possible.  

Looking forward to hearing from you.