Wine Capital of Canada

Canadian Wineries surge in popularity

Oliver, BC

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Revised November 2022

Oliver, British Columbia – Wine Capital of Canada.

Amongst the long list of Canadian Wineries is the small town of Oliver in southern British Columbia, fast becoming known as the “Wine Capital of Canada”. Just 30 minutes north of the American – Canadian border at Osoyoos, this “arid” desert location has the most concentrated land developed into wineries and vineyards than anywhere else in the province.

Tourist Destination – 4 seasons

Not only are there world class wineries and vineyards here, this is a popular tourist destination with nearby lakes, mountains, rivers and orchards. Seasonal succulent fruit includes cherries, pears, peaches, apricots and plums and can be reasonably bought at the many fruit stands along the highway both north and south of Oliver. To pick a peach from the tree and enjoy the sweet taste of the fruit as its rich juices drip over your hands is almost heaven.

Small Population – big things to see and do in Oliver

Although the population of Oliver is around 5,000, the town is teeming with visitors during the warmer months between April and October. They enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, golfing and skiing in the winter. Some of the water sports include kayaking, canoeing, boating, swimming and fishing. There is something here for all ages.

Looking for things to do? Visit their local Tourism Website. 

Accommodation in Oliver

The many campgrounds and RV parks are suitable for tents or big motorhomes and there is room for everyone. Hotels, Airbnbs, Motels, RV Parks, and campgrounds all satisfy visitor’s needs in Oliver and the South Okanagan.

I recommend that you come, spend some time and enjoy everything about the town of Oliver, the “Wine Capital of Canada”. Canadian wineries are here to stay!