Write for Travel

This page is all about

Just because you travel and also write does not necessarily mean you have to be a travel writer.  Just saying.

A writer – writes – that’s it. So if you earn income from any type of writing that’s perfectly okay. The point is to either supplement your income with your writing or if you are serious about it – earn a living wage. That is entirely up to you.

I am not going to promise you that you will earn a ton of money – I would be lying. However, what I am going to provide is information as I find it that may help you in your journey as a writer.

Personally, I write travel pieces, non-fiction articles, and am starting to write fiction, which is interesting so far.

If you have any questions or tips you can share with all of us please feel free to contact me anytime.

Scrivener – The Best Writer’s Tool!

Scrivener does everything but write for you.
Scrivener, the go-to app for writers won’t actually write for you but that’s pretty much the only thing it won’t do.